Arthritis Australia would like to extend a sincere thank you to all those who have contributed to the development of MyPsA. 


MyPsA Expert Advisory Group Members 

Professor Susanna Proudman - Rheumatologist and Medical Director, Arthritis Australia

Ms Anne-Maree Brown - Consumer

Associate Professor Peter Foley - Dermatologist

Dr Christopher Fong - Rheumatologist 

Ms Sherylee Holliday - Rheumatology Nurse 

Professor Michael Nicholas - Psychologist

Ms Jennifer Persaud - Physiotherapist 

Dr Eliza Pontifex - Rheumatologist 

Ms Karen Ridsdale - Consumer 

Mr Murray Turner - Consumer, CEO Psoriasis Australia 


Additional Content Reviewers

Professor Ian Harris - Orthopaedic Surgeon 

Associate Professor Lyndell Lim - Ophthalmologist

Ms Gayle McNaught - Consumer 

Dr Watson Ng - Gastroenterologist 

Ms Alison Park - Consumer 

Dr Deborah Turner - Podiatrist 

Dr Emily Webb - Dietitian 


User Testing Participants

We would like to thank all the consumers who participated in the user testing of the website.

In particular, we would like thank the following consumers who participated in live user testing sessions via Zoom:

  • Erika Whitty
  • Anne-Maree Brown
  • Debby Talan